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Fusion Plasma Tips

Welcome to our Plasma Tips Page – Where Customization Meets Innovation

Discover a range of specialized Plasma Tips meticulously crafted to enhance your plasma therapy experience with our four unique devices. These tips seamlessly integrate with our devices, offering you tailored solutions in both nonthermal (Cold Plasma) and thermal (Hot Plasma) treatments.

Our Nonthermal (Cold Plasma) Tips are precision-tailored for rejuvenation and treatment specificity, and they require the use of inert argon gas in conjunction with the device for optimal performance. In contrast, our Thermal (Hot Plasma) Tips do not necessitate argon gas, focusing solely on revitalizing and enhancing your skin's radiance.

With these versatile tips, you can fully explore the capabilities of your chosen plasma device and customize your treatment regimen to your unique needs. Whether you seek the precision of nonthermal treatments or the revitalization of thermal therapy, our Plasma Tips offer a world of possibilities.

Explore the options, customize your treatment, and unlock the transformative potential of our Plasma Tips. Elevate your skincare journey today!



  • Scalp Plasma

  • Hyper Plasma

  • Derma Plasma

  • Stamp Plasma

  • Jet Plasma



  • Warm Plasma

  • Diamond Plasma

  • Ozone Plasma

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