Online Course

*Course is available in both English & Spanish*


1. Click the following link to register.  It can be found at and by clicking the “Course Sign Up” button.


2. Click the English of Spanish course.


3. Click the buy button.


4. Enter your credit card or checkout with PayPal. 


5. Click enroll now.


6. Click start learning. (You will receive your plasma pen kit in about a week).


7. Go through the course. (You will have access to the content for 90 days).


8.  You can return to the class anytime by following link to login.  It can be found at and by clicking the “Course Sign In” button.


9. Once the course is completed you will automatically be emailed a personalized certificate of completion with your name and the date.


10. If you have any further questions about the fibroblast, you can email to arrange a call or FaceTime with Erica or Elise.