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Introducing Fusion Plasma Beverly Hills: Your Gateway to Cutting-Edge Plasma Technology

Unlock the future of beauty with Fusion Plasma Beverly Hills, where innovation meets aesthetics. We proudly present four groundbreaking plasma devices, seamlessly blending the realms of Hot and Cold plasma technologies. To become the best, you must learn from the pioneers of Fibroblast plasma technology, and our devices are set to redefine excellence in the world of skincare.

This technology represents the evolution of Fibroblast plasma technology, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in non-invasive beauty enhancement. Hailing from Europe, these devices have taken the continent by storm, and now, exclusively in the USA, you can experience their transformative power through Fusion Plasma Beverly Hills.

Dive into the realm of thermal and non-thermal plasma, discovering their unique benefits and boundless potential. With our expert guidance, you can select the perfect device to elevate your beauty practice and offer your clients outstanding, non-invasive results. Welcome to the future of beauty—welcome to Fusion Plasma Beverly Hills.

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OCTOBER 30, 2023

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NOVEMBER 13, 2023




Fusion Plasma Tips

Welcome to Fusion Plasma Beverly Hills – Where Beauty Meets Innovation

Step into a world of beauty and technological excellence as we proudly present our Fusion Plasma range. Our website is your gateway to a transformative beauty experience like no other.

Explore the Gallery: Take a journey through our gallery, where all 9 plasma tips and their enchanting names come to life. Discover the diverse array of options at your fingertips, each designed to cater to specific beauty needs and aspirations.

A Device for Every Desire: With four distinct devices to choose from, you have the power to select the one that perfectly aligns with your unique beauty goals. Each Fusion Plasma device comes with its exclusive set of plasma tips, ensuring your beauty journey is tailored to your preferences.

At Fusion Plasma Beverly Hills, we understand that true beauty is about choices. Dive in, explore, and choose the device that best suits your needs, and let us help you unlock the limitless possibilities of beauty innovation. Welcome to a world where your beauty aspirations become reality.

Fusion Plasma Price

Device Comparison & Pricing

Pricing is in USD.  We ship internationally.  Countries excluded are UK, Israel & Dubai as they have a designated distributor. Questions, Email 

Welcome to Fusion Plasma Beverly Hills, where innovation meets beauty! Join us as we introduce you to our delightful lineup of 8 specialized tips for Fusion Plasma's cutting-edge Hot and Cold plasma devices, each with its charming name and unique capabilities.

Tip 1: The Scalp Saver

Experience hair transformation with "The Scalp Saver." This tip is your key to stimulating hair growth through the magic of cold plasma. Say goodbye to hair concerns and hello to luscious locks.

Tip 2: The Hyper Plasma

Indulge in a refreshing "Shower of Cold Plasma" with "The Hyper Plasma" tip. This tip is your all-in-one solution, harnessing the incredible benefits of cold atmospheric plasma. It kills bacteria, promotes oxygen and blood flow, stimulates collagen, and banishes pesky fungi, all for a healthier you.

Tip 3: The Cold Plasma Jet For precise spot treatments, meet "The Cold Plasma Jet" tip. It's your go-to for targeted cold plasma applications on the skin, ensuring those problem areas get the attention they deserve.

Tip 4: The Derma Dynamo

Get the best of both worlds with "The Derma Dynamo" tip. This unique micro-needling collagen induction therapy roller combined with cold plasma offers unparalleled skin rejuvenation and cold plasma benefits in one powerful package.

Tip 5: The Stamp of Youth

Achieve youthful, radiant skin with "The Stamp of Youth" tip. This manual micro-needling tip, infused with cold plasma, rejuvenates both the face and body, helping you turn back the hands of time.

Tip 6: The Warm Wonder Experience the most powerful skin rejuvenation tip on the market with "The Warm Wonder." This thermal plasma arc tip improves skin texture, tone, and clarity, giving you a transformation you'll adore.

Tip 7: The Diamond Dream

Indulge in the luxury of "The Diamond Dream" tip. Shaped like a diamond, it offers minimal downtime while producing collagen and brightening the skin, ensuring you shine like the gem you are.

Tip 8: The Ozone Oasis

Discover the magic of "The Ozone Oasis" tip, which uses ozone plasma to sterilize the skin and induce collagen without any downtime. It's your ticket to a revitalized, radiant complexion.

Fusion Plasma Hot & Cold Tips

Fusion Plasma Hot & Cold Tips

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